“I have been using Serious Reading for almost one year now, and I can honestly say it is the greatest promotional network for independent authors out there!

For an impeccable deal, you can get your book(s) reviewed, receive an author interview with a variety of interesting questions, and promote yourself and your books through their well-rounded monthly author promotional service that allows you to write monthly author blog posts about different topics pertaining to writing.  These author blog posts then get published on Serious Reading, and increase your publicity outlook!

Out of all of the promotional networks for independent authors that I have used, Serious Reading is the most down-to-earth, financially affordable, and creative resource available.  I have gained several sales thanks to their services offered, and intend to utilize their offerings for future books of mine as well!  Cheers to Serious Reading!”

Peter Felton

Interview with Peter Felton, author of “Tommy Wrought: A Musical Reflection Of Children With Special Needs”

“Serious Reading is an excellent way for an independent, self-promoting author to get his/her work noticed quickly and efficiently. To say I was treated with the utmost care and interest would be an understatement.

The reviewers of Serious Reading are kind, easily accessible, and exemplify the term “love what you do”. My reviewer in particular really captured not only the essence of my book in the review, but also articulately expressed his personal enjoyment of my novel in a way that leaves other readers craving that ethereal book/reader connection we all strive for when picking up a novel.

I am so grateful to Serious Reading for providing me an opportunity I may not have had otherwise. I highly recommend their services!”

T. Damon


“Working with Serious Reading has been an amazing experience. The way they share what the story is about while providing colorful explanations and constructive analyses of the material helps bring out what’s really special about the book for everyone to know about, especially those who would be looking for that type of genre.

They don’t just say ‘It was okay’ or ‘Can’t wait for the next one’, they don’t give generic and empty reviews about the books they look at. What they do is give detailed and meaningful feedback, something every writer wants to receive from their critics.

Traffic to my store pages and my websites has increased after Serious Reading helped bring my book into the spotlight, they know how to present new and interesting stories to potential readers, and for that I do thank them for all their hard work.”

Alexander Gordon


“Thank you Serious Reading for taking the time to read my book and provide a comprehensive review and interview. You offer a tremendous service to authors everywhere. I am excited to put the review and interview up on my website and have already posted the links to my social media pages. It offers even more credibility to my readers.”

Monica Iglesias


“The end result almost brought tears to my eyes. The review was wonderful and conclusive. It made me almost look at my novel with new eyes.

Again, I had that bit of doubt when I saw that my novel was rated 5 star (96%) and I could not help but wonder, “Perhaps they give everyone high ratings.” I do have 29 5 Star ratings on Amazon, but I had to be sure that “Serious Reading” really read my novel and that they were truthful in the review.

So I looked at other authors books and saw that some were higher than mine and some much lower.

I also really enjoyed doing the on-line interview. The questions were very thorough and I actually learned a lot about myself by answering those questions. I do LOVE the answers they chose to put in the final interview! It looks very professional too!

I took great pleasure in posting the interview and the review on my author page! And I do think the review and interview will help with the sale of my historical novel, FOREVER FRIENDS.

Thank you, Serious Reading!”

Drienie Hattingh


“SeriousReading.com offers us indie authors a great way to promote our books to potential readers. Their review of my book (Shiva XIV) was honest and fair, and I was thoroughly pleased. They also offer interviews with a huge list of questions to choose from, which was fun to do. They have a very responsive email correspondence, and my experience talking to Peter has been pleasant and informative. I recommend this site for any up and coming author.”

Lyra Shanti


“Serious Reading was great to work with. I was utterly pleased with the review I received it was much more than I expected.”

Kaylynn Hunt


“It was good fortune that I ran across the SeriousReading.com link on my Facebook site.   I took some first steps by looking into their background before approaching them and found nothing but positive responses about their services and what they offered. I wasn’t looking for a site that offered platitudes masquerading as positive critiques; I was looking for a site that offered objectivity and professionalism while delivering on their promises.

I got that and so much more with SeriousReading.com, and based upon their reading list it looks like I am in good company. I have two books in the works currently, one as a follow up to the one I’ve just published and I consider SeriousReading.com  a valuable resource  for these books and others and will use them again and again. Their third-party objectivity is so important because whether or not the reviews are positive, the critique is valuable as a means of getting an understanding of what I as an author am doing wrong as well as what I’m doing right.

If you are thinking of working with SeriousReading.com, just do it. Unless you’re asking for the impossible, you will be glad you did. It is a very worthwhile resource, and one that I will recommend over and over.”

Gerard Gardner


“I’m a new author in terms of professional experience. I was recently published for the first time and the publishing company said that they would do their best with publicity but that my efforts would go quite far as well.

It was around that time that I stumbled upon Serious Reading. I looked into what they offer and I didn’t have a second thought about using their services. They have been simply remarkable to work with and they give you the opportunity to market yourself through their interview process. I’ll suggest this company to anyone who is looking for a way to get the word out about their book and aren’t sure where to turn. They have a network of readers that they are able to reach and can get your work out there for the exposure you deserve. You will not regret working with them.

Thanks again for your help!”

Ryan Engle


“Serious Reading did for me what many others only barely touched on. Their reviewers are top notch and did more than just summarize the book in their review. I was also very pleased at the promptness of their responses whenever I had a question about their services. I’d recommend Serious Reading to any new or self-published author to help jump start their literary career.”

Dave Matthes


“SeriousReading provides a professional review service with rapid turnaround time and the opportunity for an extensive author interview as a bonus. The company is very efficient and affordable and I wholeheartedly recommend them to authors with forthcoming or existing books.”

Michael Bowler


“My husband is an author, and I am in charge of promoting his books.  I’ve tried many methods of advertising, and was very impressed with my experience with Serious Reading.  The process is easy, the communication was excellent, and the turnaround time was fast.  It’s one of the best investments an author can make when it’s time to advertise their books.  I look forward to working with Serious Reading again when our next book has been published.”

Heidi Romano


“The Serious Reading team read my book and wrote a stellar review, and posted an interview within a span of two weeks. You’d be hard pressed to find a review team so responsive for such a decent price. It’s well worth book marketing dollars to invest in their services.”

Adam Starks


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