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We’ve helped hundreds of authors promote their books. We look forward to promoting and sending a steady stream of readers to your books, month after month.

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Why our marketing services are better than our competitors:

Unlike marketing services that only focus on sending you a one time surge of traffic to your book, we will be sending a constant stream of visitors to your books, for months to come. Thanks to a guest post or an advertorial you published today, future sales are possible 6 months or a year from now.

On Serious Reading, we do one thing: read, review and recommend books for tens of thousands of reading enthusiasts:

  • -We have over 150,000 subscribers , fans and followers.
  • -We deliver catalog recommendations to over 5,000 bookstores and libraries.
  • -We send thousands of recommendations to readers looking for their next read.
  • -We’ve helped thousands of authors to date. Please check our recent Author Interviews and Testimonials pages.


Our Monthly Book Promotion Service is designed for all authors having a book published.

What our Monthly Book Promotion Service can do for you and your book:

1. We will publish an advertorial for your book

We offer you the chance to describe yourself and your book to our readers. You have 300 words to express yourself and give readers a glance at your book.

Every month you can publish a new advert or have the same advert pushed to the top of our listings.

What is an advertorial? A book back cover copy is the best example of an advertorial.

2. We will publish an interview with you, the author

Readers love to get to know the author better. This is how they end up following and reading all your existing and future books. We will publish an interview with you on our platform.

We have prepared over 200 questions for you to pick from. We recommend answering a minimum of 20 questions. “Click here for the list“.

Every month the interview will be pushed to the top of our listings.

3. Get a guest post on our blog

Guest blog posts are a great way to connect with readers and fellow authors. They are a source of long term incoming traffic. You are allowed to publish a guest post (500-2000 words) on our blog on a subject of your choice (related to the writing/reading niche).

The post will be marked as a guest post and will contain an author box with your name, short bio and website/social/books links. Here is a sample.

4. We will promote your book.

Your book will be recommended to our over 150,000 subscribers, fans and followers. Not only will we publish your book on our Facebook wall, but we will also include it in our weekly newsletter every month.

5. We will include your book in our recommendations.

Every-time a reader sees a review for a similar book (or a book from the same genre as yours), your book will be recommended too.

6. We will include your book in our libraries and bookstores catalog.

Every few months we release a recommendations catalog to over 5,000 bookstores, academic and public libraries. That is your best chance of getting your book ordered in bulk by the hundreds. Your book will be there!

7. We will Feature your book on our Homepage

We will feature your book both on our Homepage, giving it maximum exposure, but also at the top of each category your book fits into.

Promote 2 Books

20% OFF Discount
  • $12/book
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Book Advertorial
  • Author Interview
  • Guest Post
  • Newsletter Promotion
  • Social Marketing
  • Recommendations
  • Book Stores Catalog
  • Featured Listing

Promote 3 Books

35% OFF Discount
  • $10/book
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Book Advertorial
  • Author Interview
  • Guest Post
  • Newsletter Promotion
  • Social Marketing
  • Recommendations
  • Book Stores Catalog
  • Featured Listing

Once you make the payment, you will be assigned an account manager who will be in touch with you within 48 hours. You will also receive an automated welcome email. For any questions, feel free to contact us to

Frequently Asked Questions:


Submission Rules for Guest Post, Advertorial and Interview

You can find our submission rules here:

Any books you don't accept?

If you are referring to genres, no. We accept all genres.

However, if based on our own assessment we decide that something is wrong with your book or not a good fit for our readers, we will offer you a full refund.

Are there any other fees?

No! The monthly fee we advertise is the only fee you will be paying.

Do I receive any notifications?

Yes. Each time we do something to promote your books you will receive an email notification. Transparency is very important to us.