Most Highly Favored Daughter

The descendant of two of Pittsburgh’s most prestigious families and heir to their fortunes, humanitarian Cara Cavanaugh Hawthorne has it all: vast wealth, stunning beauty, a happy marriage, a sterling reputation, and the love and respect of the public. When she awakens naked in a hotel room the morning after being honored with the Mother Teresa Medal for her charitable work, Cara panics because she has no recollection of how she came to be there. Days later an envelope arrives filled with despicable photos and a blackmail note, framing her with a heinous crime and threatening to release the photos to the media if she does not relinquish $250,000. Her charmed life begins to crumble.

Sophia, her younger sister with whom Cara constantly competes for the affection of their father, Laurence Hawthorne, CEO and prospective nominee for the Ambassadorship to the United Nations, also has beauty and wealth, but her reckless, party-girl lifestyle frequently makes her fodder for the tabloids. A scandal erupts when the media discovers that Sophia has entered into an unseemly marriage on the same night that Cara is being honored.

While Cara is tempted to give into her blackmailer’s demands to avoid scandal and shame, she seeks advice from her friend and mentor Bishop Niccolo Fiorito, who encourages her to fight for the truth. He also urges her to hire a private investigator, the darkly handsome, brooding, wounded Israeli Defense Forces veteran, Jake Gold.

As Pittsburgh prepares to host its first Super Bowl, Cara and Jake launch an investigation that will reveal another side of the city and unearth a devastating secret from the sisters’ past that is so explosive it endangers everyone.

Not since Cain and Abel has there been such a powerful story of sibling rivalry, the desire for parental approval, and how those unbridled emotions lead to catastrophic consequences.

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