Finding Home – Book Review

Jesse Brikey lives in the Tampa Bay area with Kara, his wife, and two daughters, Kailyn and Rylie. By profession, Jesse is a firefighter. Kara and Jesse strongly believe that the purpose of life is to help people around them in order to reflect the heart of God – which is why both the partners chose careers that enable them to help others, firmly in line with everything they believe in. They both write to spread the same message and how Jesus has given us t his amazing opportunity in the form of life.

John has lost all faith after he experienced the most terrible loss one can suffer – his entire family passed away in an accident. He goes to great lengths to avoid his former life. After ending all contact from his friends, acquaintances, and the church people, he moves to the other side of the country. His struggles to let God, and everything he has so firmly believed in throughout his life, be rendered void, until he comes in contact with an unknown person. The encounter leaves him rethinking about his faith. But the question of whether he will finally cut all ties with his former belief system or not will only be answered after John makes some crucial and big decisions. Will he be able to separate what happened to his family from how he mustn’t lose faith in God? The stranger, Alice, is a lost soul herself who had been a victim of being enslaved by drugs and sex which led her to attempting suicide. She eventually ends up in New York, and her faith in Jesus helps her build her life anew. But will it be the same for John? Or will he stay on the dark path he’s heading towards?

Read and find out. It’s an inspiring story of losing your most precious asset, and the journey one must take to make ends meet. If you feel a little lost, reading this book will get you right up and running.

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