Daughter of Destiny – Book Review

Nicole Evelina enjoys fusing historical fiction with romance and comedy. She was born in St. Louis, and is one of the six honoured authors who successfully completed the first of its kind one week-long intensive writing course led by the number one New York Times bestselling author Deborah Harkness. To conduct thorough research for the Guinevere’s series, she visited England twice. During her visit to England, she met the renowned author and historian, Geoffrey Ashe, and Glastonbury/Arthurian professional, Jaime George, to discuss her story’s prospects, because Nicole wanted to be historically correct down to every little detail in her books.

Daughter of Destiny is the first book in the trilogy of Guinevere’s tales. Set in the after math of a war, fifth century Britain, Northgallis to be exact, lives a young and naïve Guinevere. She is soon faced with an impossible decision – she could either stay in Northgallis and help her people defend themselves from the Irish, or she could either follow her visions to Avalon. But The Sight convinces her to follow her visions and she ends up in Avalon. She comes across a woman named Morgan, whom fate has chosen as Guinevere’s nemesis. She blossoms from a young and confused girl to a mature woman, and as she enters maturity she advances into becoming a priestess. And along with becoming a priestess, she also falls in love with a man who will prove to be her biggest regret.

An unfortunate turn of events takes her back to Northgallis, a land her eyes deem unrecognizable because it’s nothing but ravages of war. Her outstanding skills in magic and military arts cast her out of her hometown when she has an incidental reunion with the man she truly loves. Soon, a new High King comes to the throne and the world changes. Unmarried women were now seen as indispensable items of luxury.

If you are an enthusiast of Arthurian and Avalonia, then you will fall in love Guinevere’s story. You may already know it, but Nicole’s words put Camelot and its queen into a new and refreshing light.

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