The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan

Are you ready to see the world as never before? The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan is a fiction-fantasy novel that allows readers to see the world through eyes—and eyelights. Sylvie Sedan, a Joyota Corolli, and Ginger, her owner and friend, are the keys to preserving “carmony,” or the unique bond between car and human. They have no idea that the Worldwide Wheels and Vehicles Association (WWVA) is counting on them to stay safe through every adventure and preserve this essential bond. Summer Sky Sedan simultaneously faces a challenge of her own, for she must secretly protect Sylvie while also acting as her friend.

The coming-of-age story is humorous, heartwarming, and dramatic. It draws parallels between trials that occur on the road and off the road and shows that any obstacle can be overcome anywhere. The book has received five stars consistently and has been well-received to-date. You can visit for exclusive autographed copies. Sylvie Sedan is also available on and

Although geared toward teens, this inspiring story speaks to all ages and will inspire you to believe that, like Sylvie and Ginger—you too can overcome any obstacle on or off the road. The story is fictitious, but Ginger draws from her experiences in Tulsa, Oklahoma, New York City, and Port St. Lucie, Florida—the three main cities where the story takes place.

If you would like to learn more about upcoming novels (Sylvie Sedan will be a trilogy!) or follow the author’s inspiring blog, please hop onto Ginger Gregory is currently visiting schools, organizations, and more—visit the site to book her for an author visit!

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