The Champions of Woodwind Row – Book Review

Domenico Maniscalco resides in Skokie, IL, on the outskirts of Chicago and is a human resource executive by day. His fascination and passion for the magical world and creatures inspired him to write this novel. His love for his nieces and nephews encouraged him to base his characters on them.

The Champions of Woodwind Row is a heartfelt tale of the journey of teenage life, where children are stepping into adulthood and are faced with the harsh realities of life and the heartless face of the world. However, Domenico has beautifully captured the true essence of life, and the truth that this journey is crucial for teaching each one of us a lesson about humanity and kindness, which ultimately helps us seek and find love, comfort, peace, and happiness.

The Champions of Woodwind Row is the first book in the Woodwind Row series. The main character of the book is the twelve-year-old witch, Alaina Forestsong. Her biggest dream is to be like her friends who all have their own Champions. But in order to have a Champion, a witch has to face and meet death. Alaina doesn’t know that and is shielded from the horrible truth that taints the Woodwinds Row.

However, all of it changes in one eventful night, when Alaina finds out that her mother was brutally murdered. Her hopes and dreams are crushed and her world is turned upside down. Alaina received a special gift on her fifth birthday, a flute that marked her for her demise. Unperturbed by the harsh truths, she sets out on an epic quest to find her mother’s killer with her siblings and friends, but what she doesn’t know is that the truth will be her worst enemy.

The young protagonist will catch the readers’ attention and her adorable and soothing character will stay with you throughout the course of the novel. The unique and fascinating magical creatures, the Champions, add another level of mystery and magic to an already enticing novel.

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