Bobbie Lamont – Book Review

Zelmer Wilson was born in Colorado and moved to Arkansas and then to Phoenix, Alabama, where he discovered his true calling for being an author and indulge his passion for writing. In his latest novel, the heroine is forced by her editor to write a review of her own love story, which unlocks cherished memories for her, melting her heart for Miller Hoffman, the love of her life 20 years ago.

The story of Bobbie Lamont is a modern fairytale. Bobbie Lamont lives in the United States, is successful and has everything that a person could ever want. She has inspired others with her independent thinking and hard work, which has made her a luminary in her field of literature. However, her materialistic possessions don’t give her a true satisfaction and she still craves true love; a connection and affection form someone special. Her life changes in the summer of 2010, when she reads a book, written by a boy whom she dated 20 years ago.

Miller Hoffman is a successful writer, who narrates their relationship in his novel and awakens deeply hidden memories within her mind that enlightens the way for a possibility of a happy ending. Although she is afraid to take a leap of faith and to embrace love with both her mind and heart, she is eager to try. Moreover, she has no choice, as her editor is tired of her writer’s block, which has prevailed since her divorce thirteen years ago.  A boy she once loved is now a man and may not be the same person she remembers. However, the unlocked memories force her to gather her courage to take a leap of faith and use her newly found optimism to have another chance at true love.

Readers will find that Bobbie Lamont is a realistic love story, which will make them love the characters and their personalities in the book.  The words have a spectacular flow and the protagonist Bobbie Lamont is an incredibly likable character. Although her dysfunctional chain-smoking and borderline alcoholic habits are somewhat off-putting, her entertaining view on life will make readers fall in love with her instantly.

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