Escape from His Past – Book Review

Rick Gangraw is a professional writer who loves spending time writing romantic fiction novels. When he is not writing, he enjoys taking part in various activities such as hiking, kayaking, as well as camping. In 2011, he won the Royal Palm Literary Award for his novel, Unpublished Mystery. Escape from His Past is his latest romantic comedy novel.

Many years ago, Will Sayre, the main character in this book, thought that he had found the love of his life, until she one day woke up and divorced him. To add salt to the wound, she got married to another man and moved on with her life almost immediately. Since then, he spent time searching for that special someone would love him genuinely and build a family with again. His job involved travelling to different countries and this gave him an opportunity to interact with women of different caliber. The only problem is that none of these women resonated with his standards and expectations.

One fateful day, he meets Renee and is blown away by her beauty and personality. Unknown to him is that Renee’s daughter is one of the students his sister, Kim, teaches. His sister invites him to speak to the class about the different animals and countries in the world. After a series of events, Will starts to get intimate with Renee and take her around the city for lunch and dinner dates. He is completely convinced that he has finally found true love once again.

Reene’s close friends are of the idea that Will is too good to be true, but her daughter is convinced that he is the ideal man for her mother. On the other hand, Will’s friends think that Renee has gone through too much in life, but his real sister is convinced that he should go ahead and marry her. At some point, they decide to breakup but their friends and family advise them to keep on keeping on. Can the two lovers work together to build a solid romantic relationship?

Escape from His Past is a book that is expertly written from the first paragraph to the last. The experiences that the two main characters go through will give you a new perspective about love and life in general.

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