Once Broken

Jackie Martin develops abandonment issues when her dad dies suddenly when she is ten years old.  As a teenager, those abandonment issues translate into an attraction to illusive men, particularly, Tony Salvucci. After a seven year on and off relationship, Jackie becomes pregnant and Tony immediately flees. As a single mother, Jackie has two objectives: Foremost, to raise her daughter with her self-esteem unscathed by her father’s abandonment; Second, to see Tony suffer for his abandonment. Once Broken follows Jackie’s story over a span of forty years from 1970s to 2009. Set in Metrowest Boston, Once Broken is an inspirational story about love, hate, forgiveness vs. revenge and living one’s life moving forward, no matter how painful the past.

Once Broken was launched in May 2016 and maintains a 4.7 star rating on Amazon. It was also recognized as one of the Best Self-Published Books of 2016 on Huffington Post.

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