The Friendship Pact

From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Debbie Macomber on The Friendship Pact…

“Tara Taylor Quinn tackles the subject of
friendship–especially friendship between women–with the emotional investment
she brings to all her books. Her writing is dramatic, her characters realistic,
her stories involving.”

This is a story for every woman who has a best friend…
Bailey Watters and Koralynn Mitchell consider themselves “sisters of the soul.” Their circumstances growing up couldn’t have been more different; Kora came from a wealthy, privileged family, while Bailey’s home life was hard. They’d do anything for each other. “I’d give you a kidney,” they always say. There are no secrets between them–until there’s one secret Bailey can’t share.
This is a story for every woman who’s been in love.
Danny Brown is the only man Kora’s ever wanted, ever loved, and her marriage seems as flawless as everything else in her life. Bailey, however, doesn’t want a husband. She does want a baby–but only by IVF. And the perfect donor, the perfect biological father, would be a man like…Danny.
What happens when love and friendship collide?
Kora might be willing to give Bailey a kidney. But what about a baby?

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