Playing With Matches

“Five out of Five Stars. This is so much more than a nice contemporary lesbian romance about the perils of internet dating and blind dates.”

“Compelling, emotional, full of life, and with a wonderful cast of appealing characters!”

Dr. Augusta Stuart moves to south-central San Antonio to start a mental health clinic for disadvantaged children. As rewarding as it is to be in the thick of her career, doing meaningful work that will make a real difference, Augusta is lonely. As a self-proclaimed lipstick lesbian far from the support of her big tight-knit family in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounded by the Latino machismo conservative culture of south-central Texas, she feels like a social freak.  To jump-start her social life Augusta decides to join an Internet dating site, but each wrong date leads her to believe that most of the women available are no more mentally stable than her patients and their parents. Her foray into the widely variable world of Internet dating contradicts her hopes of finding a reasonable happy-ever-after partner, so she lets a friend set her up instead. When Callia Alexana shows up to meet Augusta the sparks do fly, but is it really good chemistry at play between them?

Callia doesn’t expect a whole lot from a blind date, but she certainly doesn’t expect a wanna-be social debutante, too wrapped up in her own preconceptions to even ask for the reasons behind Callia’s insignificant social missteps. Augusta finds Callia to be the antithesis of everything she would have said was attractive in a soul-mate, but Callia’s no-nonsense techno-brat practicality is far more entertaining than any of the baggage offered by her other disaster dates.

Helping fifty-thousand families displaced by a hurricane will give them a chance to butt heads and hearts.  Will they challenge each other well enough to learn their surface frictions are the kindling to start an eternal flame, or are they just playing with matches?


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