Six children in a mountain mist on the edge of the rational world develop a powerful psychic connection that binds them forever. That which a woman wants least becomes the thing for which she fights with all her power and strength. A man fights for a love wrested from his fingers by the one he most trusts. Two broken women reach for one another across a century to be free of their fathers’ stranglehold.

Set high in the Tennessee mountains, BLESSED CURSE keeps you on the edge of your seat with shivers of terror, tears of compassion, despair, worry and the joy of hope. The deeply-developed cast of characters sweeps you into the story and holds you until “the end” can release you back into the real world.

Painted against the bucolic backdrop of the tiny village of Historic Rugby, the story features the can-do spirit of mountain dwellers, the zeal of those who saved the village from extinction, the pride its inhabitants feel in their special place, and the earth-bound practical values of Rugby’s populace.

Nancy Sartor is a native Nashvillian who currently lives in Rural Hill, Tennessee, with her husband, classical composer and conductor, David Sartor, and two Maine Coon cats. She fell in love with words as a toddler. A natural story-teller, she was, as many authors are, encouraged to write a novel many times by many people. She learned, again as many budding authors do, that loving words and writing fiction are poles apart as far as knowledge and understanding are concerned. BLESSED CURSE is her third novel and the only one not set in Nashville.

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