Saint/Sinner – Book Review

After both frightening and dazzling his readers with his first book in the Allie Krycek series, author Sam Sisavath returns with an equally invigorating sequel named Saint/Sinner. Plunge once more into the world of evil that is never asleep, never at rest, but ever-lurking in the shadows of the past.

For Allie everything seems to be over. Ten years of planning and executing a horrible plan to avenge her sister seem to be behind her. She’s got a new home, a new job, even a new boyfriend to start a new life with. Yet amidst all this newness, one thing remains old; and it will come back to haunt her! Enjoying what Allie hoped to be a romantic seclusion with her boyfriend, she never dreamed about the masked men who would come knocking.

But still they came, and they brought their guns along. If there’s anything Allie knows how to do, it would be fighting for her life. Yet now it’s not just her life at stake, but the lives of her loved ones as well. That’s why the help of a mysterious furry friend is sorely needed.

As a true master of suspense, the author weaves the plot together with the pacing that keeps the readers at the edge of their seats. The story that unravels during a single night has quite a few twists and turns, making the book a true page-turner.

The titles of both books in the Allie Krycek series (the first being Hunter/Prey, the second Saint/Sinner) are extremely suggestive. Namely, throughout the entire storyline of the second book, we’re left to wonder whether Allie numbers among the saints, the sinners, or indeed the both parties claim her for their own!

Saint/Sinner, being a sequel, does well to advance the story from the first book, even position the level of suspense much higher at times. Allie’s second chance at living a normal life may be marred, her plans for future may be thwarted, but rest assured, she is not going down without a fight!

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