My Sister’s Grave – Book Review

My Sister’s Grave is an interesting book that combines crime with courtroom drama. The author of the book is Robert Dugoni. He has written several books in the David Sloane series and also the Tracy Crosswhite series. Wall Street Journal, Amazon and New York Times all regard him as the Best Selling Author of the Tracy Crosswhite series. He won the Nancy Perl Award for fiction in 2015 and he has been nominated twice for Harper Lee Award for Legal Fiction.

Sarah, Tracy Crosswhite’s sister is kidnapped and murdered. Edmund House is condemned for the murder and he is also a convicted rapist. Tracy Crosswhite is not satisfied with the facts surrounding her sister’s death. She also does not believe that Edmund House is responsible for Sarah’s murder. Tracy Crosswhite wants justice for her sister’s murder. She also resolves to spend the rest of her life to tracking down murderers. She thus becomes a homicide detective with the Seattle PD.

Finally, Sarah’s remains are found in the northern Cascade mountains of Washington State which is near their hometown. Tracy seeks answers to all her disturbing questions about Sarah’s death. As she searches for these answers, she also discovers dark secrets which change her relationship with the past forever. These secrets also lead to danger.

The book is very interesting and captivates the mind of readers. The story flows very well and the language used is quite simple for all to understand. The end of the book had a good twist although it went so fast compared to the pace of the rest of the book. There were also many small characters with slightly similar names which may make the story confusing since one character can be mistaken for another.
I would definitely recommend the book to anyone. It is worth the time spent reading it

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