The Balkan Sisters by Snjezana Marinkovic

The Balkan SistersThe Legend says that Dracula, the Balkans’ Devil, was buried at the isolated Snagov Monastery not far from Bucharest, Romania. History has it that the Monastery was a torture chamber. Near to the end of the twentieth century, killing fields spread around this beautiful peninsula and most of them were in Yugoslavia, the biggest country in this part of the world. Many people never escaped from those bloody prisons.

Even today, when they no longer exist, screams coming from the sites of the prisons are loud and painful. They remind us that even walls can’t keep secrets; they share stories of haunted souls that refuse to let peace breathe freely. The difference between you, me and them is that they are trapped in the darkness of their ghost towns and we are following the shadows of our ignorant world. Nevertheless, in the belly of our Earth Mother, they wait for us. When you hear the doorbell it will be too late to run or to hide. They will be pushing through. They will be delivered right before your eyes. As your path closes, their path will be a wide open way of possibilities.

I had heard of the Prison on the Bare Island (Goli Otok) before I could even pronounce it. The expression of the grownups’ faces when they talked about it gave me the reason and ability to imagine the terror lurking behind its doors before I was mature enough to know that fear has its distinctive and powerful smell. I believed when you dream beautifully your only enemy is some villainous nightmare that fades away quickly. At that time, I was still unaware that humans are the main predators of other humans. I didn’t know that for some, killing someone else’s dream is like a breath of fresh air. Then she came and unfolded her story before my eyes.

Snjezana Marinkovic


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