Partisan – Book Review

We all have our imaginations but Justin Bohardt has got one which none of us have. The way he paints a picture so vividly makes one question whether he actually came from an alternate universe that is far more adventurous than the one we live in. Bohardt is not someone who became a writer on a whim; he believes he was born into it. From a very early age, he began his writing and to this day, many of his articles can be found in well-known magazines. Partisan is Bohardt’s first book of the series The Invasion of Miraval and from the way readers have expressed their love for it, it looks like it won’t be the last. Partisan is a story set around a beautiful country named MIravel.

Looking from afar, Miraval looks like a peaceful and picturesque country with its green valleys, snow-capped mountains, blue waters and beautiful plains that go as far as the eyes can see. However, look closer and you will find an undercurrent of fear and dread in each and every inhabitant of the country, which is understandable given the rumors that say Dominions are on the lookout and that the war is frightfully near.

The country of Miraval has been lured into war twice in the past already and each time, Miraval surrendered their pieces of land for attaining peace. But it isn’t peace that the advancing forces of Dominions want; they want war and they want the entire land of Miraval for themselves.

Raslan Dagenham and Aleksian Dagenham are two brothers living in their tiny hometown of Harren Falls. Raslan’s only purpose in life is to look after his mother and siblings after the death of his father in the earlier Dominion wars.  Despite being an incredibly good shot, war is the last thing on his mind, until the Dominions land right in the backyard of the Dagenham brothers.

Spurred by patriotism and the urge to protect their hometown, the brothers team up with a couple of brave volunteers, guardsmen and a few constables. This may look like a rag-tag group but they carry a fire within, one so bright and scorching that they might actually have a chance of getting their town back and maybe their country too.

It’s surprising how one can put such charisma in a book that is all about fighting, war and combat yet somehow, Bohardt did. The deadly matches and the war scenes make the reader have their heart beating fast the entire time. Not sure if the good guys will triumph in the end or will the bad ones prevail, this book will keep you guessing till the very end.

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