Gerlinda by Emily-Jane Hills Orford

The need to feel loved, to feel like you belong, is a very human need. Whilst bullying and child abuse is receiving considerable attention in the twenty-first century, these issues plagued many a childhood for centuries, indeed since the beginnings of the human race. It’s sad to watch someone being bullied on the schoolyard and be unable to do much to help. It’s sad to watch a friend come to school, dirty and in thread-bare clothes, covered in bruises. I had such a friend and in some ways, “Gerlinda”, is her story. It is a story that speaks strongly to all of those other victims whose stories will never be told.

Gerlinda was a victim. Yet she tried to rise above her difficult situation, to be the best that she could. She excelled at school and at sports. But most of the other children wanted nothing to do with her. She craved attention and all she wanted was to be like every other girl in her class. She wanted to be accepted. Gerlinda used her talent in athletics to attract the attention she so desired. It was difficult, however, since her very abusive father, once a Nazi Youth, left his mark for the world to see. This was the 1960s, a time when people looked the other way, a time when a young girl had to make her own way just to survive. And all she really wanted was to belong.

Award winning novel, “Gerlinda”, is a powerful story about child abuse and bullying and the resilience of one girl to overcome all of these obstacles. As Jack Magnus wrote for Readers’ Favorite, “Gerlinda is a beautifully written look at the not-so-distant past, and one can’t help but notice the changes that have taken place in dealing with cases of domestic abuse and neglect.”

Grab your copy today. Already “Gerlinda” is attracting attention of readers and reviewers around the world. Recently named Finalist in the 2016 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest, “Gerlinda” is a story that may surprise you by its raw, blunt reality. ~ Emily-Jane Hills Orford, author of Gerlinda

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