Memorial Day – Book Review

Alan Hilfiker is a lawyer by profession and currently resides in Naples, Florida. He graduated from university of Rochester where he studied on an undergraduate scholarship and graduate fellowship. His writings have been featured in Bella Online and Wilderness House Literary Review.

The book Memorial Day revolves around the internal conflicts a woman fights after her husband dies and draws inspiration from a photograph published in the New York Times of a woman sitting beside the gravestone of her demised husband. The poem is set around the Memorial Day vigils and depicts the woman trying to keep a pleasant demeanor throughout the glorified speeches and tributes being given to the martyrs; while on the inside, she is getting shattered with every passing moment.

Being unable to find peace with the fact that she has lost her husband, she cannot suffice with the patriotic tribute being given to him, as she wants answers as to why does it cost people so much as their life and why are the others expected to find glory in death. As she witnesses all the future hopes and dreams crumble to the ground in front of her, the questions in her mind become all the more overbearing and intolerable in the pursuit of answers.

A must read for all the sensitive souls out there, who like to look past the surface level grace of affected ones and into their crude emotions. This book comes off as an attempt to sensitize people to the fact that soldiers and their families have hearts and they do feel emotional pain, with the added burden of expectations of maintaining grace. For serious readers who like to look into such matters from an impartial perspective, this book will be simultaneously pleasant and beautifully heart-breaking read.

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