Skies Over Tomorrow: Constellation – Book Review

Kelly B. Johnson is primarily an artist and has a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Georgia State University. Although his passion resided in writing, interior decoration and arts, due to personal career choices, he pursued a career in telecommunication and dedicated two decades of his life to evolve from a drafter to an engineer. He excels in his career and his penchant for being creative remained the highlight of his personality. He used his writing abilities to explore the creative edge of his personality. Skies Over Tomorrow is one of the books that helped Kelly employ his passion in visual concepts, expressions and narratives.

This is a revised edition for an eBook, which was released in 2004. The prelude to Skies Over Tomorrow is an epic adventure, packed with enthralling storyline and amazingly constructed characters that have the heightened ability to become a force in the face of adversity. Six short stories explain the timeline, which helped Mars become the Galactic Federation of Mars and the greatest superpower in the universe. Mars has the ability to shape the future of the galaxy, and it has strengthened its position as the superpower of the future.

Skies Over Tomorrow explains the social system and life of people under the rule of Mars government. While an alien invasion looms over most nations, the galaxy faces the threat of destruction due to diversity and difference of opinions. Skies Over Tomorrow not only includes an imaginative storyline, it also features amazing illustration by the author. The artistry skills are vivid, which make this book so much better.

Each illustration will bring the story to life and will delight the readers greatly. A fan of comics and illustrations will surely find this book to be irresistible and a great addition to their collection. The skills of the author as an artist and a writer are exemplary, making this book one of a kind.

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