I, Claudia A Novel of the Ancient World

I, Claudia Reviewed

“Having read a number of Lin Wilder’s books, I have loved each one of them. When she announced her new book, a literary historical novel set in the distant past, I confess I didn’t think too much about it…Wilder writes continuously and in various genres. 

Nothing, however, could have prepared me for I, Claudia–not even the book description. Quite simply, I am honored to be one of readers of a novel so insightful, so fulfilling and inspirational, and, yet, so well written, that readers immediately sink in Wilder’s choice of words, knowing that much research has had to be done to be able to emulate and expand upon one of the most famous stories ever told. Wilder’s decision to write from the perspective of the wife of Pontius Pilate, and thus her husband’s role in the crucifixion of Christ, allows readers to move away from the obvious spotlight on Jesus Christ, to those individuals that were actively involved in the background. Those individuals who were destined to be part of a murder–and yet not a murder–but a fulfillment of God’s plan.”

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