It’s Not Enough To Just Exist – Book Review

Authored by Craig Martelle, ‘It’s Not Enough To Just Exist’ is a fast-paced book with interactive characters that will keep you indulged till the last page. This is the debut novel of the author, which is based on the exploration of human behaviors, and things that triggers those behaviors. There are many perspectives to this book, and its understanding varies depending on the person who is reading it.

The writer, Martelle, is a retired Marine, who loves reading and traveling. His writing is based on human interaction and social contact. The themes of leadership, success and failure, determination, and motivation are commonly found in it.

The story in the novel is told in a first-person form, and is based on wartime in the wilds of Alaska, where a family is making great efforts to survive and form a community. They believe that, as a group, people are stronger and can make greater impact, compared to when they are working individually. Moreover, the story depicts that during the bad times, family and human interaction is the only factor that keeps people going. This book illustrates a man’s love for humanity and his family, and his motivation to make the world a better place.

However, as the conditions of the people become worse, you will see a different façade of humans. They will do anything for the sake of survival. The book paints the realistic picture of human spirit when they are forced to tackle the adversity of the unknown. The question here is, what lengths can humans go to, to ensure their own continued existence? This is a great read on human nature, which will provide you with an insight about your own being.

Told from the perspective of the leading character Chuck, the story is compelling to make the readers feel a part of it and experience similar survival instincts.

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