They Call Him Skinner

There is one thing that James “Skinner” O’Brien needs above all else—money. It’s 1920 in Butte, Montana, and everyone needs a little more than what they have. But Skinner’s family is desperate to save up enough to go back to their home in the California countryside, before their father dies in the deadly copper mines.

Skinner has a plan. All he has to do is sell newspapers in the downtown business district. It sounds simple, but he isn’t the only one with this bright idea. In the adventure ahead, Skinner and his best friend, Sordi, will have to stand up to the local toughs, outwit rival newsboys, and stake their claim on the streets of Butte. Along the way, Skinner will feel the pangs of first love and the aching heartbreak of real loss. He’ll also have to stay alert. The outlaws may look a bit different, but the Wild West is still alive and well in Butte!

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