More Hands to Hold

Stay-at-home mom Terry has the perfect life: three children, a doting husband, and a beautiful home.  She has loving parent she can lean on, since, as the youngest of six children, she’s always been her father’s little girl and her mother’s best friend.  But when Terri’s father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she knows she has to take on the responsibility of helping her parents through this trying time.  Never imagining how this would turn her life upside down she becomes determined to find herself and keep her family together now with two more hands to hold.

Based on true events, Tricia Van Buiten’s More Hands to Hold focuses on the funny heartbreaking and moving story that unfolds when a family attempts to live together with three generations under one roof. While it isn’t always easy – in fact far from it – Terri manages to keep her humor, her passionate nature and her happy marriage as she navigates the trials of living in the sandwich generation.

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