The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon

Feel the adrenaline pumping as Gemcie races to the World Cup aboard Marshal her gallant black stallion. A nasty fall takes her out of the competition she has worked hard to win. Her stage Mother encourages her to get an operation on her spine and to get back in the saddle. Gemcie refuses and finds herself losing everything, including her young husband, to Dominque, her arch rival in the show jumping world.

The shock of these events and the head-spinning revelation that her Mother has lied life about the death, and where-abouts, of her father causes her to rebel against her mother and the life she has been given.  She decides to trail solo on horseback in the John Muir Wilderness. She needs to be alone in the world without interference from outside influences, so she can determine her own destiny. While testing her boundaries in the “Range of Light” an angry bear attacks sending her, and her horse, into a gushing stream where she lands on a boulder activating her old injury.

Enter Brady, a fire lookout leading a solitary existence, who rescues her and nurses her back to health.  He shares his connection with nature, love of animals, and the ethereal beauty of the mountains with her. With gentle assurances he wins her heart. Their love has a bittersweet ending when he is called to put down the bear that attacked her and finds himself at odds with everything in the world including her. He pushes her away from him and forces her to stand alone in the world.

Gemcie returns to L.A. feeling centered with renewed energy, and determination to get Marshal back and to win the World Cup.  Her path to self-actualization requires guts, courage and fortitude. She comes away stronger knowing that to finish is to win.

Finalist in Indie Excellence Awards

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