The Workshop by Volker G. Fremuth

The Workshop200What if Santa Claus was real?

It is this fundamental question that sets into motion the premise behind the novel “The Workshop” and asks the reader to ponder a number of issues facing the populations of our world today. These are about big data, privacy and the role of those who control it.

Protagonist, Jason Pelham is a senior executive whose talents propel him toward the top of the food chain of one of the largest global corporations on the planet; but with his ascension he becomes aware of the corruption and predation that inherently seems to cast its shadow over even the most virtuous of people when given access to ultimate knowledge, power and money. The company, also known as the Workshop, offers its service at the pleasure of the people who, due to their own desires for it, become the unwitting pawns in a game of power, politics, exploitation, and greed.

Turning the lore into history “The Workshop” takes the reader on a journey in which the fanciful and pleasing nature of a legend takes on a new and potentially sinister twist when forced to fit the mold of cold hard reality. What seems fun, exciting, even precious, and endearing may not be so when you replace fantasy with fact, magic with infrastructure, omnipotence with resources, and knowledge with the technology of espionage. Then, in this context, consider how the world and its governments might react to this new reality and the environment which exploits the conundrum that comes when faced with power and knowledge, its practical application, the morality of doing so, and how to protect the populace from those who would seek to abuse it if they could.

Volker G. Fremuth


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