JJ Girl Undone by Nicole L Crankfield-Hamilton

JJ Girl Undone200“Sometimes, you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand back up taller than you ever were”~ Unknown

Being exposed to a grown up world at an early age caused JJ’s life to spiral out of control.  Your childhood should be filled with fun and laughter, but for her, it just wasn’t reality. Being the middle child of three can be a blessing and a curse. Bullied by those who should protect you leaves you vulnerable and alone.

Forced into adulthood at the age of twelve only lead to JJ’s innocence being stolen and disappointment after disappointment. Despite being exposed to the world of drugs, alcohol, and abuse JJ is determined to take back her life by any means necessary. However, conquering one demon in her life may have opened the door to letting another one take its place. At 26, the mother of 3 is finally on the road of overcoming all the tragedies heading towards success until another secret is revealed. Forced to take on more responsibilities results in JJ taking desperate measures to remain focused.

What do you do when everyone depends on you? How can you survive when life delivers blow after blow? One tragic wreck and an arrest could destroy all progress made! JJ Undone takes you on a journey of determination with dreams of one goal…Survival.

Nicole L Crankfield-Hamilton


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