The Zombie Doctor

She caused the plague, but Dr. Greene doesn’t give a damn.

Dr. Kayla Greene isn’t much of a hero. She’s brash and rough around the edges. In fact, she might even be responsible for the worst plague ever to befall humanity. It’s a tough burden to bear. Sure, Kayla’s got a heavy conscious, but she’s also got a heavy hammer which she keeps holstered on her hip. It’s just perfect for dispatching the undead minions called Decedents. This new world order seems to favour people like Dr. Greene, loners who stay on the move and keep to themselves. She’s on her way out west…whatever that means. Kayla’s not so sure about the destination; she’s just trying to keep her boots moving.

Dr. Greene’s not alone in this world either. There are other survivors out there, people like teenager Amber Monroe and her little brother Danny. Amber’s a depressed pyromaniac and Danny’s blind as a bat. When Dr. Greene crosses paths with Amber and Danny, they’re both in dire need of a hero. The only problem is that Kayla Greene’s not a hero. She might be able to stop Amber from setting fires and help Danny get a pair of glasses, but Dr. Greene can’t seem to get rid of them no matter how hard she tries.

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