The Doughnut Tree – Book Review

The Doughnut Tree is the first novel by Catherine Knowles who thinks that she is an unlikely author because as a child she used to miss a lot of classes and was very adventurous. The author’s ideas come from spending her time by the waters of Tennessee that flow near her home, which is located in Huntsville in Alabama. She lives with her husband, who is an architect, and their dog, Sugar. Knowles’ husband had a goal of rebuilding the old town of Taylorsville that is around half a mile away from their home. In order to help her husband out, Catherine Knowles read a lot of books that covered the history of the region from 1900 to 1926, and that is what led to The Doughnut Tree.

The Doughnut Tree is a story that is based in Alabama in the early 1900s and covers things like betrayal, murder, corrupted politicians, and hangings. The novel also discusses how one National Championship title won by a college football team changed the history of the South.

The protagonist of the story is Percy Taylor who is an honest man and has been a judge, a farmer, and a bootlegger over the years. It is the story about how he lost his wife and raised his daughter despite being a part of the Spanish American War. In the year 1920, he decides to marry again to a female who he has known for a while. Percy looks past color and creed, which is what the Klu Klux Klan doesn’t like. During his reception, Percy thinks about his life, which includes eating doughnuts under the Oak Tree. The Doughnut Tree is a must read as it will help you in learning about what Taylorsville was like during the 1920s.

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