A Soldier of Shadows – Book Review

A Soldier of Shadow is the 19th release in the paranormal, spellbinding, romance series ‘A Shade of Vampire’ by Bella Forrest. Published on October 25, 2015 the book is thought to be the best in the 20-volume collection.

Sofia Claremont is kidnapped on her seventeenth birthday and taken to a sunless, unmapped island dominated by ruthless vampires, where she’s held as slave by the king of the dark world Derek Novak.

But things take a different turn on Sofia when she happens to be the only girl selected from a group of hundreds other girls to join the royal prince of the dark world in his quarters.

The dark prince is known for being addicted to power and blood-thirsty. But despite all this Sofia finds his quarter safer than any other place on the island. She has to pull all stops to win him over so she can at least ensure that she survives the island.

Will she succeed? Or should she be counting days before she ends up again in the hands of the ruthless ruler like the rest of the girls?

Well, the only way to find out is to get the book and read it.

If you read the first book in the series A Shade of Vampire and loved it, then rest assured you’ll love ‘A Shade of Blood’ twice as much.

The book has the most intense storyline and the most complicated, but moving plotlines and character development when lined up against all the releases in the series that preceded it.

Its theme is gritty, action-packed and emotion-ridden. And the intensity that builds between Derek and Sofia makes the book even harder to put down once you start reading.

A Soldier of Shadow is a fascinating, full-speed roller coaster that you’ll certainly have a hard time putting down once you push past the first few pages.

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