Miller’s View:La Isla de la Muerte (The Island of the Dead)

In the aftermath of Miller’s View, twenty-eight-year-old detective Jonathan Miller is back on the case, determined to close the book on a murder that continues to haunt him. He’s aided by the same mystical, rose-tinted glasses that helped him before, which provide him crucial clues about other people’s past and present actions.

As Miller draws close to solving one murder, another bizarre murder is brought to his attention. A young woman is dead, from causes no forensics can detect. Through the information provided by his glasses, Miller suspects a jealous rival and a powerful voodoo priestess. Proving such, however, will be difficult. Rose-tinted visions don’t hold up in court, after all.

Even as Miller pursues both cases, passion and betrayal surge around him. Soon he’ll discover how far people go for love—and how far they’ll go for revenge. He’ll also uncover a closely held family secret that could change his world forever.

Miller’s View: A Look into the Darkness continues the adventures of Jonathan Miller and the complex, tangled conspiracy begun in Miller’s View. Miller’s glasses may give him an edge, but can they help against the dark power of voodoo?

Jonathan Miller is back, determined to solve a mysterious death that haunts him constantly. With continued supernatural assistance, he’s drawing closer to the proof he needs—only to stumble into a second bizarre murder. An engaging whodunit with a dash of the fantastic.

“Miller’s View is a unique and intriguing mystery, when an everyday item has special abilities, and it leaves the reader excited to read more cases handled by Detective Miller.” —InD’tale Magazine

“The thrills and intrigue are written clearly and the characterizations are engrossing. Love this story. Highly recommended to those who love a good ‘visionary’ and intriguing mystery, and the mystery is not just about how the case will be closed.” —Amy Shannon, Bookshelf Reviews


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