Paragons: Age of the Unseen

Son of an esteemed hero of his people, young Jaden Silvermayne II must fulfill the expectations of Highland nobility, overcome challenges at Highland Academy and commit to becoming a leader someday to his nation, all while maintaining friendships with his peers…his experiences, his conscience, and the occasional hand of an enigmatic shadow from his difficult past as his guide.

Ace, as he is going by, must lead Tempest, a mercenary unit, on a covert mission north. His closest friend and his wife at his side, he worries that a curse from his past will bring out the worst within him…Will he resist the urge within him, overcoming his addiction this curse placed upon him, or will he succumb and turn on those he considers his family now?

Coming to terms with the events in the ruins of Angelsfall, Karissa Trodassus is faced with her life’s most difficult decision. Will she discard her big dreams for the future she wants and stay the course at Highland Academy, or accept that she must shoulder a heavy burden, sacrificing her desires for the greater good of Gaia? Will she turn to Sarin for guidance?

Following his heart, Marlowe is now in the Highland army, his friend Kieran at his side. Discovering the person of his heart’s desire seems interested in someone else, he must stay his emotions on the matter, all while facing the abuse of the cadets at Highland Academy in hopes of earning her affection once and for all.

Braxx, settling into his new leadership position, is faced with complicated dilemmas. Leaning on his own judgment on matters, he learns that decisions he must make to safeguard the lives of his citizens he’s charged with may not sit comfortably with his own strong moral code. Reaching outside the confines of his command at times, he comes to understand his close friend that much more, solidifying his respect for him, and leaving Braxx with some regrets.

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