Jewel of Inanna

The Jewel of Inanna weaves magical realism and romance into an engaging tale set in the enticing atmosphere of the New Orleans French Quarter. It is the story of Lilly LaCouer, a young woman from the Dark Bayou, who flees her home and takes refuge in the supernatural world of the French Quarter. As Lilly studies with mystical witches, Vodou mambos, and a reincarnated Atlantean priestess her magical powers awaken.  She accepts the guardianship of the Jewel of Inanna, a crystal from ancient Sumeria containing a violet flame. The crystal has the power to attune Lilly to higher vibrations, deeper knowledge, and the wisdom of the ages.

Lilly’s dedication to her magical journey is set aside when she falls for a seductive musician with a magical secret of his own and the power to bring Lilly’s musical abilities to life.

Lilly’s adventures bubble in a metaphysical cauldron of romance, sex, rock ‘n’ roll, and ritual magic. From the center of the Dark Bayou where hybrid faeries guard the delicate balance of nature, to the attic chambers of a dark sorceress determined to claim the jewel of Inanna as her own, to a visionary journey in the depths of an ancient pyramid, Lilly Lacoure’s adventures conspire to expose dark magic, reveal the message of the new paradigm rising in the world while opening pathways to the heart.

Jewel of Inanna is a fresh take on paranormal fiction with an engaging ensemble of characters packed with colorful action by way of Druids, Quetzalcoatl, spiritual possessions, and Bayou Faeries.

This is book 1 in the Perils of a Pagan Priestess Series

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