The Keepers of Mana’an – Book Review

Stephen J. Miller is a proud citizen of NYC, residing happily in the East Village for the last 30 years. His loves, passions and slight – yet safe – addictions lie in the world of video games, fantasy stories, adventure movies, and anything related to The Lord of the Rings. Miller’s first novel, The Keepers of Mana’an is inspired by his never-ending love of NYC where he believes magic lurks and love blooms around every corner and avenue in New York.
The Keepers of Mana’an tells the story of two young people, a pretty grad student and an unsuccessful actor. When fate hands these two a task of epic proportions (and a matter of life and death), they don’t hesitate, knowing they have to travel in the direction where their moral compass points.

And so, they set on a journey to traverse the island of Manhattan during one of the worst snowstorms in the history of New York to save a young boy held captive. They are on an excursion through parallel worlds to rescue the boy from a horrible prospect of torture and death, and are completely unaware of a silent war that rages on, one that involves fighting against a greater evil of a supernatural sort.

Complete with metaphors and symbolism, with devout connotations and spiritual meaning throughout, The Keepers of Mana’an restores your faith in humanity as it tells us that despite evil and despite having to battle daunting supernatural beings, goodness of heart still exists among people. We just have to find have the faith to find it.

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Serious Reading Rating
98 %