Guessing at Normal – Book Review

A great second novel by Gail Ward Olmsted! After the success of her first novel titled Jeep Tour, her fans had a lot of expectations from her and she has lived up to it. Traveling always inspired her to write, which is one of the reasons why most of her stories have a big element of journeying to find out about one self. Today, she likes to describe herself as a hopeless romantic who married the love of her life and is now enjoying her happily ever after with her husband, 3 cats and 2 adult children. Other than writing, her passions also include listening to good music and you may have guessed it by now, travelling.

In Guessing at Normal, readers are introduced to Jill Griffin, an “everyday” high school teen who is madly in love with a sexy rocker named James Sheridan. Succeeding at being an invisible, Jill never really thought about being in the spotlight and happily let her partner use her poems and lyrics to create a best-selling album. At first, she seemed to be content with all the partying and tours but soon, she starts to realize that she is getting little to no credit for all her effort.

She decides to crawl out of her comfort zone and claim her great writing. But she doesn’t want to give up on James either and wonders if she will ever be able to have both?

With no road map to guide her to success and a boyfriend who has started to annoy her, will Jill Griffin be able to navigate her way to happiness?

It is a remarkable take on the teenage life and the complications one has to deal with when a sudden explosion of popularity hits one. The readers will surely find some great and savable poetry and lyrics that have been beautifully blended in this cute, “finding one’s self” story.

Great writing, relatable characters and a surprising end, this teen-adult romance story is a must-read for those who love such a genre.

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