Jeep Tour – Book Review

Being a professor in the School of Business & Information Technology in Springfield, Gail Ward Olmsted loves to write. When reading Jeep Tour, readers may feel that she is penning down her own story as a lot of it has been inspired by her own journey to the red rocks in Sedona. However, that is not the case. The first time she was there, it inspired her to take her writing seriously, but she wasn’t able to get the book finished and published until her second trip there. This story is her first-ever published novel and so far, it has brought her immense fame and acclaim.

After a field marriage and an unexpected job loss, Jackie Sullivan is drawn back to the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, in hope of finding the hot tour guide she met on her last trip to Sedona and start afresh. All that she had was no longer hers anymore. Her job, husband and her life, all was done and dusted with. With little to no hope, she goes back to the rocks in the hope of starting fresh. But Rick, the dreamy tour guide, is not looking for a relationship at the moment. What will Jackie do once she finds out about that? With caffeine as her best friend and an indefatigable humor sense, she journeys the rocks to make peace with her existence and decides which way she wants her life to take.

But will all end well for Jax? Will she be able to find herself? Will she find true love after a terrible marriage? Will life be beautiful for her too?

Jeep Tour is the kind of book readers can’t miss to read. It is about the journey of a woman in her 40s who is trying to start over. With high points, an unexpected end and an exceptional detailing of her character, her story is quite relatable to everyone who reads it. A plot scripted beautifully and a delightful read that will keep you glued, this one’s a keeper like the author’s other stories!

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