Laurel Hill: New Beginnings – Book Review

Writing has always been Erin Mackey’s passion and this is her favorite pastime. Other than writing, she loves spending time with her family including her nieces and nephews. Fond of kids, her nieces and nephews are the inspiration behind her books for children.

Laurel Hill: New Beginnings is an interesting and fun read for young girls. It is a must read if you enjoy sweet stories of lasting and beautiful friendships. The protagonist is a six grader Maggie who is leaving her home and relocating to Laurel Hill. Maggie is nervous in the beginning about how things might be for her. Since she is a kid and not a particularly extroverted one, she is afraid of making friends in a totally new environment.

However, after some time, she starts interacting with a couple of girls at the school. A group of girls, Jennifer, Katie, Morgan, Amy and Nikki who have been best friends since years, ask her to join them. The girls do everything together and Maggie becomes a part of their group. The book revolves around their friendship, how they complete each other, certain aspects of bullying, making sweet memories and about the most pleasant delight that life has to offer: friendship.

You will definitely enjoy this book with a sweet and delightful message about friendships and human bonding. The book perfectly sums up close friendships, relationships and their values. The book should not be missed by young girls as it will inspire them to be more positive, giving and amicable in their relationships.

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