The Four – Book Review

T.C. Ashing is a member of the National Guard, and is currently serving in the Middle East. His passion and interest in writing dark themed stories led him to produce this grueling and thrilling book called The Four.

The Four features a medium sized town, called West Chambers in Georgia, which is characteristically a tightly knit community. Due to their close-knit community, they have somewhat become isolated from the rest of the world and do not intend to come out of their shell any time soon. Anyone who is different is looked down upon and is treated like a pariah. The disconnection is threatening to topple the social structure of West Chambers.

People who don’t follow the rules of conformity and have divergent appearance or even thinking are treated badly and no one knows that better than Nathan Kole. Having a distinguished past and family name, he rebelled against the society and has no intention of following in his father’s footstep, who was a hero cop. He confides his plans of escaping the nightmare that has become his life to the new girl in his school, Samantha, who herself is a bit of an outcast.

Erik is another outcast, who was born with a secret so dark and terrible that he escaped to serve in the army. However, when he returns home, his wealthy father has already chosen a bride for him. Intending to escape his imprisonment, he joins Nathan and Samantha to find the witch named Jessica. What they didn’t expect was that the world of dark magic and the bloody path is lined with the bodies of people they have known their whole lives. They are all connected somehow and only the four of them can solve the mysteries that are binding them together.

Readers will find “The Four” to be a great and surprisingly engaging read that will encapsulate and pique their interest to read more books by T.C. Ashing in the future. The Four is a smooth and lucid story, which will be a great addition to any book collection.

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