Capturing the Magic – Book Review

With this, Holly Wiencek and her team have even outdone themselves!

This book is for all those who are the true lovers of Disney World parks. To take you to the whole journey once again, despite what age you are, Holly Wiencek along with Eric Weber and Bill Sferrazza has photographed Disney world in its true spirit, the kind that still gives all the Disney lovers Goosebumps. Padded with a beautiful hard back cover, Holly takes all her readers on a HD photography expedition to relive those happy moments once again. Eric Weber and Bill Sferrazza’s photographic sense and artistic imagination to click the picture from the most perfect angles is what make this journey even more delightful. Most of her work in has received worldwide acclaim, but this is something completely awesome!

The book has been divided into four different sections (Magic kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom), each focusing on one major theme park in the Disney World. The EPCOT section in the book exhibits hundreds of beautiful pictures of each of the pavilions in the World Showcase whereas as there are also pictures of all the famous attraction the parks hold along with all the castles. Beneath each picture, there is also a little description box, detailing the essence of the place.

Readers will find this visual treat almost magical yet so real, urging you to walk through those gates once again. It is a magnificent gift for both kids and adults as it offers great pictorial insights, as if you were on a guided journey through Disney. Other than pictures, the book also offer anecdotes, quotes and lyrics we all love to hear and sing along, making this book a complete Disney package.

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