It’s Just So…

This is the debut book of this award-winning children’s picture book series by Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco. It’s Lizzy’s first day in a brand new school! At first things feel “just so” scary and “just so” hard, but in the end, they’re “just so”…. not what she thought they would be! From waking up early and boarding the bus for the very first time to meeting new friends and painting outside the lines, it’s a day of discovery and perspective for a little girl named Lizzy.

“It’s Just So…is successful on every level. Lizzy is a wonderful role model for children to emulate as she allows her trepidations to slide under the waves of a new perspective. By opening herself to the FANTASTICAL, not to mention the SCIENCE-SATIONAL, any new experience can become, quite simply, magical, like this wonderfully illustrated, wonderfully worded, wonderfully messaged book, which is just so …” – Joel R. Dennstedt Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars

“The combination of the colorful illustrations and the zippy rhymes gives Lizzy an adventurous flair:
“Plum-purple, berry-blue splashed everywhere.

She imagined in colors with bold Lizzy-flair.

Great care Lizzy took to paint outside the lines.

As a fierce crayon-artist she started to shine.”

From the playful words and vocabulary expansion to the exploration of what a first day of school might bring, It’s Just So … is a fun choice for elementary school aged children―particularly first and second graders that may be changing schools.
Add this book to your collection: It’s Just So … “– Bianca Schulze The Children’s Book Review


Silver – Foreword INDIES – Best Children’s Picture Book of 2016

Bronze – Foreword INDIES – Augmented Reality – Video Book

Purple Dragonfly Honor – Children’s Picture Book (4-8)



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