Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – Book Review

Big Magic: Creative Living beyond Fear’ is a New York Times bestseller by Elizabeth Gilbert. For quite some time now, Elizabeth Gilbert’s books have inspired readers belonging to many different age groups and walks of life. She has written many internationally bestselling books which include ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Additionally, she’s worked with some of the leading magazines including GQ, Spin, Harper’s Bazaar, and The New York Times magazine. Some of Elizabeth’s magazine work also won her nominations for the National Magazine Award a couple of times.

People often think of the creative process as being mysterious and taxing. Using her wisdom and understanding of creativity, this is a notion Gilbert looks to counter in the book. In ‘Big Magic: Creative Living beyond Fear’, Elizabeth Gilbert defines creative thinking as a simple process.

The book contains stories of Elizabeth Gilbert, her friends and of those that inspired her in life. ‘Big Magic: Creative Living beyond Fear’ is all about facing our fears, tackling problems regarding what’s dearest to us and embracing our eagerness. This book promises a journey to a wondrous land where unexpected joys await the reader. This book will serve as an inspiration to you whether you’re looking to make your everyday life more rewarding, pursue a long-standing dream, tackle work related challenges or create a piece of literature/art.

The classic definition of success and the idea of perfection are two things that overwhelm individuals and kill the basic principle of ‘creativity’. ‘Big Magic: Creative Living beyond Fear’ asks readers not to feel burdened by their creative pursuits. This book emphasizes on the fact that the creative process should serve as our inspiration and not weigh us down. This book is a must read for everyone, in particular, for those that need to bring their creative instinct to the fore every now and then.

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