Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration

Ed Catmull is way more than just this book’s author and Pixar’s co-founder. Ed is a hero to some folks out there.  He had one dream – to make the first ever computer-animated movie. Back in 1986, the thought was perceived as a farfetched dream. But if it wasn’t for his dedication to his dream, the world wouldn’t have had the marvel that is Toy Story. His contribution to innovation has been great, which is why are going to want to read this book!

Creativity Inc. is a book for people who want to progress in their corporate lives and take it to the highest skies. It’s a guide for anyone who craves to be original and unique in his business ideas. It also features exclusive insides to Pixar Animation’s meetings, “Braintrust” sessions which led to the most amazing motion pictures of our time, and postmortems (of intellectual ideas and their results – don’t worry). “Easy isn’t the goal. Quality is the goal” says Ed. There are surprising tales in there that will amaze the readers – it’s difficult to imagine that such a successful movie franchise must have had to face such failures and regrouping of ideas. But they’ve done it. They key to success is failing and trying again, and that is what this book will guide you through to achieve.

Ed isn’t just an individual, he’s an institution. The reader gets to learn by reading, what more does one want? It’s like a one-on-one with Ed, racking his brain for advice. You may call it a blueprint to creative originality. And who better to have it drawn by than Ed; if it wasn’t for him who knows how long would it have taken for us to get to Toy Story level animation?

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