Book Editing and Proofreading Services

Your final draft has to be well-written, organized and free from errors such as those of grammar, spellings, punctuation, English usage, and vocabulary.

You may be perfectly capable to edit and proofread your own work, but you won’t have the critical eye that’s required to judge your work. You might overlook an error, sometimes the wrong use of punctuation or a poor choice of words. It might be that your paragraphs are not consistent, or you need a shorter explanation for the happenings and events that follow.

All these errors and mistakes can aptly be taken care of by an editor and proofreader. Acquiring author services from a professional editor and proofreader can make or break the effort that you put into writing your book.

The Difference between Editing and Proofreading

Are you confused whether you require editing or proofreading services for your book? Well then, first you first need to know the difference between the two.

Your book is in need of editing as soon as you finish your first draft. Any changes that you make afterwards come under editing. The editor is responsible to check whether your book is well-organized, the characters well-built and the transitions between paragraphs smooth. Editing improves your overall quality of writing by working on your language and expression, making your book ready for publishing. Positive changes in sentence structure, word choice and writing style are made by editors. Proofreading is the final step of the editing process, and unlike editing, requires the elimination of language errors such as spellings, typos, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.

85 percent of the time, authors require the services of professional editors rather than just proofreaders. Like you, every author out there wants to sell as many copies as possible and is willing to put in the extra effort and resources into the venture.

Why You Need your Book to be Professionally Edited or Proofread?

Only a professional editor can understand the at times confusing and complex conventions of the English language. Professional editors have years of experience to back up their credibility and are methodically trained. They can easily identify and eliminate any errors that appear in your writing. Their experience has taught them various techniques for the identification of errors and fixing them seamlessly to align with your writing style.

The Benefits of Editing and Proofreading Services:

If you haven’t yet decided to go for professional editors, you have underestimated the power of professional author services.

The Critical Eye

No matter how many times you read and reread your work, you are never going to look at it the same way as an expert editor.

Are you making your debut as a writer? Then you have all the more reason to hire a professional editor.

First and foremost, if your first book isn’t a success, you can forget about a career in writing. Secondly, novel writing may be new to you, but it’s not to the editors. What better way is there to know whether your book is worth publishing or not?

Sell More Books

By getting your book professionally edited, you have an increased chance of selling more copies. Editing brings quality to your writing as a typical editor has read many more books than you and is familiar with the different kinds of writing style. Not just this, he/she has knowledge of your target audience and their preference of writing styles. They know more about character development and plot pacing than you ever will. You have just written and read (and tried to edit) your novels, but editors have done hundreds, or possibly more.

Constructive Feedback

The feedback provided by professional editors is constructive in nature. They provide you with honest feedback that will genuinely help you make your debut in style and make you a reputable name among readers.

Increase your Self-Confidence

Feedbacks lead to improvement, eventually making you a better writer. The acknowledgement and praise from your editor will bring confidence to your writing, while the knowledge of this fact is enough to boost your self-confidence.

Standout among the Competition

You cannot deny how easy it is to publish a book now. With so many self-publishers out there, how do you stand tall in the sea of competition? By hiring a professional editor.

Getting the services of an expert will ensure that your book is read and stands out among the competition.

Reach your Full Potential

At times you think that there are certain problems with your novel, but you are not sure. And even if you are, you are at a loss when it comes to doing something about them. An editor can help you reach your full potential by pushing you in the right direction. They point out the same problems that you previously doubted, and advise you accordingly.

Increase your Fan base

Believe it or not, everything is not about the storyline or the plot. The writing style, quality of writing and the language counts a lot when you are looking to build your readership. You need the perfect combination of a good plot and quality writing to survive in this intense competition. Your first book could be a success because of an amazing plot, but your second book won’t make the shelves if it lacks writing structure or expression.

Due to all these reasons and more, you need a professional editor/proofreader. It all comes down to the best book in the end, and what does make a book worth reading then the smooth transition of story, a perfectly paced plot and high-quality writing that speaks to the readers?

If you are thinking of self-publishing a book without professional editing, stop! Or you will regret it.

You need to hire expert author services right now to be a success!