What Makes Romance Novels So Appealing To Women?

Secrets in the ShadowsThis is a guest post by Dionya Farr, author of “Secrets in the Shadows”.

Dionya Farr was born and raised in Chicago. Some might say for a time she had her wild moments. When she decided to relocate as an adult, she thought it was time to make some life changes and go back to school. After getting her degrees in Psychology and Behavioral Science she began thinking how she can put them to good use. She spends much of her time volunteering and helping those in need.

Dionya has never been one to have idle hands and reading has always been one of her favorite things to do. She wanted to write about things that will appeal to the masses. This brings us here, where she has shared the craziness that lingers in the depths of her head. Each one of her readers will be able to relate to at least one of the characters in one way or another.

Let yourself be swept in the moment and enjoy!

Dionya Farr


Why are romance novels so popular with the ladies? This is a question I get asked on a daily basis by men. I could only answer with the reasons why I enjoy them so much. I soon come to find out, after asking other women who also enjoy them, that our answers were all very similar. So, to answer this question, I will say this; there is no simple answer.

Woman are complicated beings and there is more than one straight answer for why we do, say, read, or watch anything. Most of it stems from our emotions and what we happen to be feeling at that particular time.  The funny thing, at least for me personally, is that no matter what mood I’m in I can still turn to a good romance novel. For the most part, women love the idea of love.  The good and the bad that it brings. There’s nothing like reading a novel where the two lovers find each other, fall deeply in love, and then something happens and splits them apart. We are forced to keep reading in anticipation these two people, who are deemed perfect for each other will find their way back. And when they do, oh boy, let the overflow of emotions come pouring out.

I am not saying I speak for every woman out there, because that would be crazy. But, I can speak for myself and at least a few others, romance novels are all about the fantasy. There’s nothing better than being consumed with a love affair and imagining yourself as one of the exciting characters you’re reading about. Picturing yourself with your perfect counterpart, doing something exhilarating.  It amuses me when a man assumes the only reason we read romance novels are for the love making scenes. Don’t get me wrong, if we’re being honest, that is one of the reasons. However, like I said, women are complicated. For many, it is their chance to take a few moments to themselves and get swept away. It can give them a little break from their reality for a bit.  A good romance will have the reader going through an array of emotions, some they never knew they had.

At times you can get so caught up in a romance, you begin to play it like a movie in your head as you’re reading. You can picture what each character would look and sound like. Sure, you can do this with any genre, but, it is so much more fun when it’s a romance.  The one down fall with this is if there is a movie created from the book there is a chance that what you’ve envisioned each person to look like is completely different. This could either make or break how you feel about it.

So ladies, the next time someone asks you why you like reading romance novels simply tell them this; I am a complex and multifaceted woman who enjoys the perfect get away. Because if you think about it, a romance novel can be your own private little escape.

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