Literary Journeys: The 5 Best Travel Books of All Time

People have been telling travel stories since the beginning of time. Find out the five best travel books ever written here. Reading is a way of traveling without leaving your bedroom, but there are many travel books out there that make us want to go on a real adventure. Want to know which books you should have on your reading list? Keep reading to learn about the 5 best travel books.
  1. Ulysses by James Joyce

Ulysses is one of the greatest books of all time. It’s a love letter dedicated to Irish history, culture, and mythology, and takes place during a single journey around Dublin. It has since become the defining book for the city and country, let alone of all literature as a whole.

Pack your bags and your copy of Ulysses and travel to Dublin during the annual Bloomsday festival, named after the book’s main character, in which lots of Joycean fun is to be had.

  1. Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

Midnight’s Children is an epic all about India. Everyone has fallen in love with the main character Saleem Sinai, who travels across India and experiences key historical moments and more.

When the novel came out in 1983, it won the highly prestigious Booker Prize and then in 1993, it won the Best of the Booker, which is awarded to the greatest book that has won the prize before. There is no doubt that Salman Rushdie is one of the best travel writers alive today.

  1. The Magician of Lublin by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Although The Magician of Lublin is a fantastical book set in the title’s city and elsewhere in Poland, it has actually influenced the goings-on of Lublin. Every year they hold a one-of-kind circus and carnival where it’s like you’ve stepped into another world.

Poland is already famous for its amazing castles and delicious delicacies, but when you travel to Lublin during party time then you’ll witness festive lights and decorations and many clowns, magicians, jugglers, acrobats, and more.

  1. Catfish and Mandala by Andrew X. Pham

Catfish and Mandala is a heartfelt and inspiring memoir about the author’s travels through the country of Vietnam. Many have compared the writing style to Jack Kerouac, a famous American travel writer.

If this book makes you want to travel to Vietnam or elsewhere in Asia, then let WorldRoamer help you.

  1. A Crowded Heart by Nicholas Papandreou

Papandreou is actually the son of a Greek politician who is famous or infamous, depending on who you ask. A Crowded Heart is a novel about Papandreou’s childhood as he grows up in the shadow of his father and travels across Greece for political reasons.

The novel has one of the best opening lines and will surely make you want to visit the country: “To describe Greece I would share with you a tomato on the sandy beaches of Skopelos, open a sea-urchin with my pen-knife and serve you the scarlet eggs inside while the salt stretches the skin on our backs.”

Ready to Travel as You Read the Best Travel Books?

There’s nothing like reading a travel book set in the country that you’re visiting. It’s a great way to learn about your new surroundings and heighten your experience in general.

Do you want to find more of the best travel books to add to your reading list? Explore the rest of our site and discover a wealth of literature.

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