Firefox Portable – A better version of Firefox

Chances are you have probably had heard of Firefox before but had you ever heard about Firefox portable?


So Firefox is one of the best and most popular web browsers of all time which is currently in the top 10 pretty much in any country around the world.


From Firefox appears Firefox portable which aims to give what the regular Firefox browser gives while offering the users a few improvements on portability.


Firefox portable allows the customers to run the software without making literally any changes to the hard drive of the computer, which means we no longer need more space for the installation because we will be using from an external USB or any other similar external device such as a CD. This is great because it allows us to run Firefox in only a few seconds in any computer because we only need to connect the external drive and let it load for a moment before we can finally execute our program.


You can get it on completely for free and you can also find it on the Portable-Apps website where they have applications working based on the similar technology. One of the fantastic things about Firefox portable is that no matter what OS (operating system) that our computer is using, we will be able to run it.


In Windows we simply start it just as we would normally do with any other program while in Linux operating systems like Ubuntu or Fedora we can use the Wine software to simulate the typical functionality on Windows. And yes, you can also use it on Mac operating systems since those are partially based on the Linux operating system and both share Wine. Just make sure you are not using very old versions like Windows 2000 or Ubuntu 6.06 since in some cases they might present very annoying incompatibility problems, making Firefox portable either work very buggy or simply not work at all.


Firefox portable, as many other similar portable applications really mean a before and after when it comes to technology. We have heard our entire life that no matter what application or program you are planning to run, you always need space in the hard drive for it to work properly. Nonetheless, this is no longer true. All we need now is a external hard drive, preferably a USB drive but one of those 500 GB or even bigger size drives would perfectly work for this without any problems as well.


And in these external drives we can storage pretty much hundreds of portable applications that we can use just as we use Firefox portable. Those are some great news for the geeks and techies!


One of the coolest things about this is that no matter if we move the USB throughout 10 different computers and each time we use Firefox portable in these computers we make different changes in the settings, all the configuration will get saved every single time we finish using it and we move it to the next computer! This is specially useful for those who have a lot of bookmarks stored and want to have them ready anytime they move out to another computer since in just a short moment we will have them all ready again.


Firefox portable has been developed by Portable Apps, which is dedicated to, as you can probably guess, create applications that already existed in portable versions.

You should not expect to find here very size-heavy applications but for the most part you will surely find many handy programs that everyone uses or should be using. In their website you can find the original Firefox portable downloads place.


We highly recommend using Firefox portable if you are one of those persons that travels a lot for business related purposes for example of if you have multiple computers but you only need to use these portable applications in one at a time.


If you are looking for more in-depth information about Firefox portable, remember to check for more high-quality articles regarding this one or similar applications, and in general is a good place to find software reviews, guides, some advices and tricks and how to download tutorials!

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