10 Life Hacks for Writing a Good Fiction Book Review

Some students may face difficulties while writing fiction book reviews. It happens when there is accurate unresponsiveness to such a genre of literature. On the other hand, this assignment is not considered to be beyond students’ capacity. A smart approach, reading of helpful guides on book reviews, a clear understanding of research, and a unique opinion is the art of relieving student’s pain. We offer anyone who struggles with this task to learn some hacks for writing it productively.

What Is Fiction Review Itself?

From early childhood, people used to read fairytales or watch cartoons where they observe one common feature of all fiction books. It is a fictitious character or made-up story that has never taken place in real life. Now, these grown-up people come across writing about it. What makes such books and movies hard to review? The answer is that you cannot compare, confirm or contradict the facts observed there. Thus, the only way to write a review is to give your unique opinion on the whole plot. 


Nowadays, reviews have not only the power to rise a book in the estimation of the public but destroy a desire to read it. A good review should follow one strict requirement. By no means, a writer can reveal the ending of the book. This factor, until a reader will read himself, has to remain secret. While writing a review, you may only cover the characters and body of the book, a personal story of the author, and the style of language. But, how to write a review that will not resemble dozens of other works on the same topic? It is high time to share with you 10 Life Hacks that will make a person want to reread the book.

10 Life Hacks on Writing a Masterpiece

We hope there is no need in telling that before writing a review, you’d better read a book. If no, let’s proceed to the steps.


  1. Take notes. Make sure, you highlighted and wrote down the most important theses, and quotes that will come in handy in your review. If you read a book online or using a tablet, find reader apps which include the highlighting option. 
  2. Pay attention to the introduction. Usually, the first pages of the book are the key ones, where a reader may find hints on what can happen at the end of the story.
  3. Find out the basics. Fiction books are not the ones telling the true story, but there may be a few references to existed people or places. Compare the events and write the conclusion of why the author veiled them. 
  4. Find the under meaning. Some authors do not squeamish about giving double meaning to things. For example, in The Green Mile by Stephen King, a green linoleum condemned were walking to the electric chair, symbolized the last mile people walk to their death. 
  5. Describe the characters. Tell of the main hero, who is he, trace his life in the book. Interesting fact, there are many fiction books where the author tried to apply bipolar features. In Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, readers come across that unnamed main character is the same person as Tyler, the second main hero. 
  6. Limit your review. A perfect fiction book review should not go beyond 3K of symbols. If more, it is considered to be a critical essay.
  7. Do not go into personal. No one is interested in reading your negativity.
  8. Do not read the feedback or other reviews. One mistake students make is turning to the same book reviews. It can lead to plagiarism. 
  9. Ask someone to read your review. Your friends or family are the same audiences that can be found online. Try your luck by reading it to them. Let them make remarks and give you feedback.
  10. Proofread. Reread your work a few times with pauses. We guarantee that you may find at least one mistake. Make your eyes relax for a few minutes, do some daily routine tasks, and then go back to proofreading.           


By following these hacks you can master your writing. If you need some more useful material to learn about writing the reviews, check our recommended sources.

Helpful Sources          

Here are 3 sources that come in handy once you want to write a book review:


  1. Book review writing service. If you feel you have no time for writing a book review from scratch, you can always address a team of professional academic writers. They will customize your book review according to your requirements.
  2. How to write a book review, one more young lady covering her vision on writing a book review to impress the audience. She emphasizes the importance of kindness while writing a review, and tells how to find a criticism even in your favorite book. 
  3. Goodreads. This source is considered to be one of the most popular ones among book reviews. If you want to check how to write properly and pick up a book for your spare time, turn to this platform. 


Follow the above-mentioned steps and make your fiction book review look professional. If you require additional help, turn to the book review writing services. They can help students at any difficulty level. It does not matter what type of book you need to review, they will conduct proper research. Moreover, you will get your paper before the deadline and such services guarantee you the best quality of it. 

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