THE STRESSFUL MIND of a NEW AUTHOR 5-Steps to Avoid Negative Energy

Jan-Hayden Richards is a first-time self-published author. As a clairvoyant medium, she practices cleansings and spirit communication. With 40 years of experience, she records her findings in her new series; “The Ghost of Greenbriar/Slave-Master,” a genre of ghost-fiction based on true hauntings. Living in south-central Kentucky, she is married to her loving husband she met over 30 years ago. They have a total of eight children and many grandchildren to share their love. Jan-Hayden spends her leisure with anything involving nature. She likes all types of music, art, and movies. One of her favorite quotes is: “True love is like ghost, which everyone talks about and few have seen.” Francois de La Rochefoucald

English author Samuel Johnson, (1709-1784), quotes; “ I would rather be attacked than unnoticed. For the worst thing you can do to an author is to be silent as to his words.”
As a first-time writer, my journey is filled with a wave of emotions. The one that stands out the most is stress. The writing, publishing, promoting and marketing process can be tremendously over-whelming. Everything involved I am learning on my own, so you can just imagine the research I do! The imbalance between positive and negative thoughts lead the much-needed attention into a massive whirlwind, disrupting my simplest of goals. Fortunately, I am also a Reiki Master and work with controlling divine energies in the self-healing process. There are (5) steps I use and would like to share to help avoid negative energy and recondition your mind into a positive way of thinking.
• Awareness
• Acceptance
• Determination
• Patience
• Gratitude

1. Awareness: A shift in concentration, and/or well-being is the first sign of stress. For example, there will be symptoms of frustration, confusion, lack of self-confidence and/or sleep. A harmful force is entering my environment. As a new author, the stressful mind may result in delays, written mistakes, or wrong decision-making in your progress. Recognizing the unwanted energy is the first step used to counter-attack and transform the negative influence into a positive outcome. Once the awareness of the negativity is addressed, the next step is to own it!

2. Acceptance: Believing I am losing control is difficult. Though the idea is ridiculous, I would like to think my thoughts and actions are always manageable. Do not allow pride to get in the way of your success. Acknowledging the energy’s interference with your evolvement, gives you the power to take charge of the situation. Create a plan to rid the distraction. Perhaps, take a walk in the park, meditate, or listen to some soothing music. One of my favorite meditation sites is:

Meditation Relax Music

After 30 minutes of relaxation will surprise you. Automatically you feel refreshed. Practical ideas and strategies start rushing through your head, turning the stressful impact into a calmer train-of-thought.

3. Determination: Now that regained power is in command, it is time to go to work! Be excited about your resumed strength and put it to the best use. Re-organize your priorities and set aside the lesser ones until another day. Pace yourself to keep from going back into that prodigious state again. Set short-term goals to your capabilities. I find the stress-level lowers and soon returns to a positive frame of mind.

4. Patience: This is the hardest step for myself to overcome. The words, “patience is a virtue,” is no joke! Awareness, acceptance, and determination is needed once again. Unless a new author is well-known, the odds of over-night success is not likely. There is a commonly used phrase advising us not to rush anything, and when the time is right, it’ll happen. New authors should remember these words, and negative energy will have no place in your expectations. I find eliminating a stressful mind can be superseded, merely by introducing yourself and work to the public. Enjoy life, set your foot forth, and success will come in time.

5. Gratitude: The last, but probably the most important step in staying positive is giving thanks. You have come so far in your journey. The universe has shown light upon you and given the most precious gift, your dream. You are, and I am an author. Though you may not be popular now, you are sure to be later. Is there a smile on your face? There should be. New authors, never should forget where your creativity, courage and willpower originated. Bringing forth positive energy is easy when we make it a practice to always give thanks Place gratitude at the top of your priority list. Let it be the first and last thing you do each day and watch the negativity of a stressful mind become a thing of the past.
Walt Disney leaves us with a wonderful gesture; “If you can dream it-you can do it.” Becoming a new author can be stressful-minded. The practice of self-healing you can recondition the way we think and act can release all negativity one may experience. Recognizing the changes in one’s behavior and/or health sooner than later is the key to accepting the changes within oneself. Determination to regain universal strength and will-power, leads the author to overcome adversity. Patience shows righteousness, allowing the universe to be in control of our destiny. Gratitude is the faith we share within ourselves and the powerful positive impact given. There is always going to be negative energy trying to find its way into our lives. Avoid negativity to interfere with your dream of becoming a success. Promote the (5) steps; awareness, acceptance, determination, patience and gratitude, and bring back balance and positive energy we all well deserve.

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