Reading a Book Review or Watching a Film: What You Choose?

Imagine your tutor gives the assignment to review a particular book today. You are aware that there is a movie adaptation of that book, but you are not sure whether watching it is a smart move. Apart from saving a bit of time, watching a film doesn’t bring a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look at why reading the novel or a book review is a better option.

3 Major Advantages of Reading a Book Over Watching a Movie

  1. The directors may not translate the author’s ideas to the screen adequately. The Shining is one of the most popular movies of all times, but Stephen King was mad at how they portrayed the main character in the film. He believed Jack Torrance lost his mind much more quickly than in the book. These problems happen because the filmmaker is essentially a reader that interprets the author’s idea. That can lead to different results and impressions when watching a movie and reading the book.
  2. Movies are limited with time. Kubrick mentioned that the main protagonist of The Shining loses his mind too quickly in the movie. That may be because the films need to be pack in about two hours of airtime, which often leads to throwing out important parts from the books.
  3. Form a better connection with the characters. Not only you will know what they are thinking in any given situation, but you will also know more about them. Harry Potter is the best example – those who only watched the films do not know many essential things about the wizard that the book mentions.

When Did the First Movie Adaptation Appear?

The first movie based on a book was made in 1900, and it was Sherlock Holmes Baffled. The famous detective had numerous adaptations from then, but we also had the chance to see movies based on these popular books:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Harry Potter series
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • The Godfather
  • Anna Karenina
  • The Shining
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Silence of the Lambs

…and thousands of other titles. As you can see, movie adaptations range from being based on classic books, as well as modern fantasy series and even mystery and horror novels.

Why Students Have to Write Book Reviews?

First of all, it is the best way for your tutor to confirm that you read the book. Apart from that, it shows them that you expressed interest in the topic, and analyzed the characters and their actions. The problem is that writing book reviews are often a struggle for students. Many of them do not have enough time to read an entire book, let alone analyze and review it. Others may not be adept at writing, and writing a book review requites a lot of efforts.


It explains why hundreds of students turn to, for example,, for help. A professional writing service and a team of experienced authors can help you to write a book review properly. The writers will ensure to cover the topic extensively and deliver plagiarism-free work that will surpass your tutor’s expectations. It is your best bet if you want to deliver an impressive book review assignment.


In the duel between reading books and watching movies based on them, the former will always win. A book can tell the story in the way you are meant to hear it, as well as present the characters properly. Films, on the other hand, often leave out important things, and may even fail to translate the author’s ideas adequately. If you do not have enough time to read the book you should review, it may be a better option to contact an online writing service to ask a professional team of writers for help – “Write my book review”. That way you will ensure that your book review is written to the point and according to the requirements.

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