Creating Your Perfect Home Reading Sanctuary

Among the many, many benefits of regular reading is the relaxation it brings. Health info website Healthier Michigan report that reading actively de-stresses the brain, creating a happier you. What can enhance this even more is crafting an environment in which your brain is encouraged to relax and absorb the message of the book. Why not take this to the next level by creating a sanctuary in which you can unwind with your favorite novel, or even pen your own epic?

Taking it outdoors

The outdoors is, arguably, the most serene place in which to unwind. This is backed up by science; one complex study, reported on in Forbes, found that even playing ‘natural’ sounds will hugely reduce stress levels. A reading sanctuary in the outdoors could be as simple as using log cabin kits, constructed in your own outdoor area. A small size will suffice for your purposes. In warmer, or dryer climates, consider investing in low hanging trees that will offer shade, and then customize the area with furnishings.

The rainy day

For smaller spaces, or those with too many rainy days, the outdoors might not be viable. What you can instead turn to is the time-honored nook. As interior design website Apartment Therapy note, you can construct a nook inexpensively with a helping hand or your own DIY skills; according to Home Advisor, wood costs about $7 per foot. What’s more, it doesn’t need to be any bigger than your own body in a half-lying position. A nook constructed in the window space can be marvelously relaxing and provide you with the rain-on-the-window backdrop featured in so many novels and pictures.

A whole room to yourself

If you have the luxury of an inside room to yourself, you’re in luck. With space to work with, you can easily make a room the cozy reading environment of your dreams. One good bit of advice is to invest in good book cases; having floor-to-ceiling books will give a wonderful effect and give you the encroaching idea of coziness, ramping up your reading space. Invest in soft furnishings again here, a reading chair, or even a chaise lounge. This can give you the opportunity to flop out and relax even more than you can with the comfort of an armchair.

Reading is relaxing, and you should treat it seriously. Finding your own space in which to disappear into a literary world can be an amazing tonic for day to day life. Whether a bespoke cabin, a reading room or just a little section of the house, have a go yourself.

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